Empowering Growth for
B2B Organizations

Delivering reliable data, intelligence, and actionable insights with our suite of purpose-built platforms and bespoke solutions.

Marketing and Sales Solutions

With an efficient blend of technology and human intelligence our Marketing and Sales solutions deliver improved lead performance and insights that help you grow faster.

Lead Generation

Improve your marketing ROI

Analytics driven, relevant, and high-quality lead data helps you transform top of the funnel leads into high-value opportunities.

  • Marketing-Qualified Leads
  • Sales-Qualified Leads

Commercial Models:

  • Outcomes based
  • Per-record based

Data Orchestration

Maximizing Data Performance

Clean, enrich and standardize data from discrete data sources to bring speed and agility to data-intensive workloads.

Key Account Intelligence

Build, Manage and Track Key Accounts

Key account insights and on-going intent triggers are monitored to enable right sales and marketing messages at right time to maximize revenue and shorten the sales cycle.

Industry Intelligence

With a unique blend of AI and HI, we deliver actionable intelligence that drives top-line and bottom-line benefits for our customers.

Competitor Intelligence

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Hyper customized, competitor intelligence solution that monitors, compares and analyzes competitive dynamics across geographies, sectors, budgets and business segments.

  • Deliver clear direction for product and service developments
  • Empower sales and marketing teams to position and stand out

Market Intelligence

Expand your business with accurate projections

Customized sector-specific market assessement report that offer actionable, timely, and strategic insights to define and drive business growth.

  • Transform data into insights that drive revenue
  • Help build operational efficiency and enhance performance

Business Intelligence

Navigate Your Dynamic Business Landscape

Business intelligence solutions delivering a cost-effective & scalable solution to our clients using a blend of technology and sector & data expertise that helps them build and maintain their business-critical data.

Financial Analytics and Intelligence

Optimize your financial data efficiently

Financial data support that becomes the foundation for risk assessment and credit rating. One-stop shop for business information providers, credit rating companies, insurers, and commercial & investment banking firms for all their financial data requirements. 

  • Financial data extraction
  • Spreading, analysis and validation support
  • Financial model development
  • Credit Report
  • Credit risk assessment

Media Monitoring and Content Solution

Real-time tracking of news and social media

Cognition’s comprehensive Media Monitoring and Content Solution Service combines advanced technology with human expertise that provides curated coverage from regional, national, and international online news sources and social media platforms, providing you and your clients with relevant coverage.


Track Your Markets Needs

Identify and understand emerging market trends with Signals,
our media intelligence platform.

Signals enables B2B businesses to track, analyze and share
media insights on a single platform.

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